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 ProcessCleaner Manual



You can provide ProcessClean in your own setup to your friends by compressing ProcessClean.exe. + ProcessClean.ini files,


then your friend can use ProcessClean exactly same as your setup.


I am planning to ad a viral launcher, in other words, a site launcher further later on.


I took some care in order for users to share their own set-up version or ProcessClean to friends.


In addition, if you do a blog or internet community activity, then you can dispatch ProcessClean as setting up the blog or community.


In  site launcher function, user's setup will be saved to ProcessClean.ini file.


Therefore, you need to compress only two files, ProcessClean.exe. and ProcessClean.ini file to hand it to your friends.


Seems there are too many who are not familiar with site launcher function, I will have it exposed much more.




Among recovery functions, Scheduler recovery function is released 'World first'


I've tried to search at CNET for last two months, there is none so far.



There is some chance that hidden program is at somewhere, but this is the one and only based on official download sites.


English version of ProcessCleaner is about to be uploaded at CNET.