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 ProcessCleaner Manual

Process cleaner Prgram - perfect use of ProcessCleaner 1.64


Let me tell you about the function of Process Clean.

You can see the screen above if you click 'view on running process'.

This program is for ordinary users, so Windows basic process could not be touched or impacted by ProcessClean.

But only the programs do not impact main systems will be cleaned by users choice.



You can register programs that you don't want to clean out by Process Clean.


In a screenshot above, I registered two programs 'Name Process' and'Name process' which I use often.


then, these two programs won't be terminated in a click of Process Clean.



If you register programs to 'not for cleaning', these programs will not be cleaned by Process Clean.


'Add manually' function is added that allows you can manually register programs you don't want to clean out.


You can set up by yourself at 'Environement setup'