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 ProcessCleaner Manual

When internet is slow - A perfect manual of ProcessCleaner 1.64 for harding optimization

You can maintain internet and computer working fast by optimizing hard disk everyday after cleaning process with ProcessClean.


A computer run significantly faster if you execute 'Optimize hard disk' after using internet.


this is highly recommened, I promise..


Let's see. the screen shows as below.


The computer may run even faster if you select 'My comptuer temp file'


Because default set up is applicable only to internet browser, you should check 'My computer temp file' either if needed.


If you are done selecting, then click 'Optimize hard disk'.


That is all you need to do. Quite simple, isn't it?


Process Clean also needs to be done once in a while when you boot up your PC or when your PC becomes slow.


Likewise, Optimizing hard disk everyday is really great to maintain PC in good condition.


You can tell your PC runs very smoothly.