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 ProcessCleaner Manual


This is ProcessClean to manage/clean Start programs.


You can set up manually like below since Start program and internet browser will be terminated once executing Process Clean.


However, even if a start program is terminated, you don't need to worry at all because the program could be recovered simply.


Just do Process Clean as many times as you can. :-)



The only thing you need to do is to register programs that is not for cleaning, and click 'Process Clean' once booting up your PC.




Perhaps, you can remove all start programs by a mistake.


Then, just check at 'Process system Recovery'. All programs you removed will be recovered back.


No worries at all! :-)



I personally think, It will much better with no start programs. But some people need a start program like vaccine.


So, this recovery function will be very useful for those people that they can do manage, recover, and register safely.


Besides, ProcessCleaner is super at terminating Grid delivery program since it is designed based on a grid delivery removal program.