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 ProcessCleaner Manual

This is ProcessCleaner for cleaning internet browser.


Internet browser down, internet browser pop up, interent ads could be solved by ProcessCleaner.

ProcessCleaner can help to maintain internet explorer to run fastest since it resumes Windows environment.


Internet explorer is still the best web browser. Nonetheless, there are many people out there who ues Google Chrom or Firefox. Why?


Why these people prefer to use Google Chrom or Firefox?


The answer is simple. Internet explorere become down so often, it is so unstable.


That is because you don't clean internet explorer. Internet browser becomes slow because many toolbars are installed before you are aware of.



You just need to click 'Process Clean' after registering to 'not for cleaning' if you want to set up manually.



You can see internet explorer runs much faster than Chrom or Firefox under this circumstance.


However, if you still want to use tool bars you removed, then you can recover the tool bars at recovery manu. No problem.



I have a ALTool bar here that I can recover.



There are many programs that are extending intenet explorer icons.


ProcessClean is the one and only program to be able to clean extension icons