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 ProcessCleaner Manual

When I started to build up ProcessClean to delete grid delviery program, I've put an automatic Process clean function to environment setup


because of the bad memory of Zombie PC loop process. I have thoughts to make some progress on this.


I am thinking to ust this for pretecting against hackers, but not sure how much useful it would be...




The screenshot above shows a site launcher among many of viral launcher functions.


I am going to ad more by focusing on viral launcher, program launcher, game launcher, and site launcher.



This is old explanation which gives an extra explanation.


Simply, I made this getting idea from SNS service, but not so popular yet.


This function enables for users to deliver as setting up site launcher and program laucher to his/her friends.


Especially, this is one of the necessary functions since execution is done by JAVA to access game company's homepage.


But it may need to take more time than I expected..


The game trend is changing to execute .bin file by JAVA.


Of course, it is okay to extract launcher function, and put as .bat file, but game companies perhaps don't like it very much. :-)